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A Gift From God ministries is a Nonprofit Organization, which was founded on February 2, 2000. The ministry was birthed to help restore the family back to Godís original purpose.

The founder Minister Darlene Daughtry received the vision from God concerning this ministry in 1992. Which she has now given birth to this vision.

Minister Darlene Daughtry attended Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia where the Rev. Benjamin Smith Sr. is the Founder/Pastor. She sat under his leadership for 18 yrs.

However it was not until 1992 when she began to serve in ministry that she felt the urgency to make a difference in someones life. She served from vacation bible school teacher to youth leader to street evangelism (her hearts desire). However her longing to minister and to help women and children in transition prompted her to become a drug task force counselor at Deliverance Church. Darlene obtained her Theology Diploma while at Deliverance Bible Institute. She is now pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Theology.

She is the proud wife and mother of 5 children. Darlene continues to do what she loves best and that is to seek and please as well as serve God in whatever capacity she can.

However Minister Darlene recognizes that this ministry would not be where it is today without her faithful visionaries and ministry partners. The ministry partners include:

* Maryanne Sanderlin- Co founder, wife and mother of 6 children. Maryanne serves as the Administrator.

*Monique Walker- Co founder, wife and mother of 3 children Monique serves as the Director of volunteers.

*William R. Montgomery- serves as the Promotion Manager over events. William is the proud father of twins.

* Linda Williams - Serves as the Director of our counseling & Praying ministry. She is also a conference speaker . Linda is the proud mother of 1 child and grandmother.

* Minister Delsie Stuart - Minister Delsie serves as a Minister/conference speaker for Women: Anointed For You. Delsie is the proud mother of 2 children.

* Evangelist Romana Hargust- serves as a conference speaker as well as the Asst Director for No More Shackles which is a women's prison ministry. Romana is the proud mother of 3 children.

Elaine Smokes serves as the Director for No More Shackles which is a women's prison ministry. She also serves as a conference speaker.


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